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Oct 05, 2018 · Remove the 5/16″ square recessed pipe plug between spark plugs one and three on the drivers side of the engine. This can be very difficult. We suggest heating the area with a propane torch, then applying wax to the plug and surrounding area to help loosen the plug. To avoid cylinder head damage, do not use an acetylene torch.

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1. Air comes into your intake, and right after the cone, the MAF (mass air flow) reads how much air This is converted into a voltage (MAF Volts), which is how the ECU "reads" how much air is entering. CPE HPFP, CPE FMIC+HKS BOV, CPE Injector Seals, 3" GHL CBE +Res, EGR Delete, BSD w...

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MAF Sensor for '07.5-'17 Dodge Turbo Diesel trucks with the 6.7L engine. This sensor mounts to the airbox intake tube on the PASSENGER side of the truck. Part number: 68002441AC

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02.03.2008 · MAF Delete I removed my MAF, connecting a piece of dryer duct from the TB to the lid and removed the codes in HPTuners as well as setting the MAF Fail Freq. to 0. What this No MAF in sight. ... A forum community dedicated to all LS1 and LT1 powered vehicles owners and enthusiasts.

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MAF and Throttle Body Flow Information - posted in General Engine (Non-Gen Specific): Heres some good information on the stock flow abillities of the LT1, V6, etc throttle bodies and MAF. Some highlights:Stock TPI/LT1 48mm Throttle Body w/o airfoil -- 783.0 cfm Stock TPI/LT1 48mm Throttle Body w/ airfoil -- 821.9 cfm Stock TPI Bosch MAF sensor w/ screens -- 517.8 cfm Stock TPI Bosch MAF sensor ...

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The 2014 Camaro has ranked the highest in the Midsize Sporty Car segment in J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), a reliability study which asks original owners of 3-year-old vehicles how dependable their vehicles have been during the prior 12 months.

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Some of these criteria are based on statistics such as estimated MAF that may vary through multiple filtering passes. If variation is problematic, use --freqx to export initial statistics, and then include --read-freq in all filtering passes where you want to refer back to the initial statistics.

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It is a different way of reaching the desired 14.7:1 air-fuel mixture ratio but functionally is like the MAF system in that the ECM uses the feedback to control the "on time" for the injectors. GM used this approach in the 1990 and 1991 L-98 engines and in the 1992 and 1993 LT-1 engines. With the 1994 model C4, they went back to the MAF system.

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Maytag MAF 1260 page #2: Contents Page Introduction 2 General delivery notes 4 Safety notes 4 Quick start 5 Description of controls 6 Programme Table 10 Programme selector 12 Detergent drawer 15 Detergents, washing aids and amounts to use 16 Useful advice for the user 18 The main wash 19...

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Feb 07, 2006 · If you go with the basic translator and 3" LT1 everything is plug "n" play, thats all you will need, if you go with the translator plus you will have some additional wiring which is for full fuel control and timing adjustments, also the 3.5 LS1 mass air flow would require a hose adapter to fit it. You can get it all at www.fullthrottlespeed.com

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The firing order on the LT1 1992-93 was 18436572 which are the same as the old school V8 TPI, TBI and crossfire. The distributor is non-vented, so keep this engine away from water. 1994-1997 LT1 MAFS The final year, the 1997 LT1 had a faster Intel based “Flash” computer processor, inside the ECM. The final adaptation of old theory was ...

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